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Durable high quality counter plate

It is common to use counter plate in complex design diecut.
Function is same as G-tape creasing matrix, however, we recommend counter plate for small packages with lots of creasing line or design with various cut-crease and perforation rules in terms of efficiency.
In some of counter plates, burrs occur after cutting or they may be weak to impact and easy to be damaged.
In long run job near 1 million shots, there would be the risk of cracking or chipping. It needs durability to keep quality.

Durable counter plate?

We DAISO developed new counter plate made in Japan.
It is called “GN plate”, mixed with glass fiber cloth and glass nonwoven fabric. We are committed to the highest level of durability.
GN plate is for cardboard up to 700,000-1,000,000 shots durability and keep the package quality with sharp edges which is resistant to wear down.
It is easy to store this product at your stock since it is less likely to warp, expand and contract.

●Advantage of GN plate

・The highest level of durability made in Japan(700,000-1,000,000 shots).
・Less likely to warp, expand and contract.
・Stable cutting process and reduction of incidental work.
・Reduction of running cost (Less replacement due to deterioration).
・Damage deduction in deburring process.
You can try our GN plate made in Japan and improve productivity on site.

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