DAISO | G-Tape creasing matrix


Simplify chamfering creasing matrix

After transferring matrix onto cutting plate, we need to chamfer creasing matrix edge to avoid marks on package and make sheet run smoothly.
This is necessary process but you may feel waste of time.


We would like to introduce our matrix cutter, VS-IV which saves time and cost of chamfering. It could prevent a human error such an omission of chamfering as well.

KAIZEN 1 : Save time and cost

VS-IV matrix cutter does not need to chamfer matrix with utility knife on cutting plate.
It enables everyone to cut easily.

You can save time and cost as our example.

      Volume of jobs a day : 4 jobs (6ups)
      Chamfering time : 10 minutes
      Machine downtime cost per hour : €200
      Saving time : 4 jobs x 10 min x 20 days = 13 hours monthly
13 hours x €200 = €2,600 monthly


KAIZEN 2: Prevent a human error such an omission of chamfering

Omission of chamfering might cause troubles of sheet stuck or complaints from customers.
You can cut to desired length with perfect chamfering.

DAISO product for solution

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