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Emergency measure for stripping blade

Diecut setting is ready to run, then if you find trouble in stripping because of insufficient stripping blade, what will you do to solve it?
You may call to diemaker to add stripping blade. However, you have to stop that job and change to another one.
Machine downtime = Opportunity loss
Changing die also takes time.
Even if you keep working with insufficient stripping condition, productivity would be worse than you expect. Inefficient stripping work might lead extra work.

Additional stripping blade with one touch.
No need laser cut.

You just take out released paper and put one touch stripping blade onto dieboard. Ejection rubber is already attached on one touch stripping blade. You can put anywhere you want by yourself.

Even tight schedule, you do not have to call diemaker and keep productivity well.

DAISO product for solution

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