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The best creasing matrix to prevent creasing cracks in diecutting process. Wide selection from 155 standard to custom-made sizes, that satisfy any kind of requests from the customers. One touch setting makes it much easier even to set double-creasing types. G-Tape had passed hundred of thousands punch tests, and works very well between 200,000 and 300,000 presses in normal use. G-Tape can be used up to a half million presses without a set-change. International patented matrix cutter, VS-IV and G-Tape is the best solution for your productivity.

  • History of G-Tape DAISO creasing matrix

  • A type (2-3pt 0.7-1.0mm creasing rule, width 10mm)

  • M type (2-3pt creasing rule, 8mm width)

  • B type (4pt 1.4mm creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • C type (6pt creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • D type (8pt creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • E type (4mm creasing rule, width 20mm)

  • S type (2-3pt creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • W type (Off-center, 2-4pt creasing rule)

  • 1W type (Off-center with side taper, 2-3pt creasing rule )

  • KW type (Double crease)

  • BW type (Double crease)

  • G type (Reverse crease)

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