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G-Tape creasing matrix has been widely accepted all over the world after introduction in the exhibition 1984. Under good condition, G-Tape creasing matrix is capable to endure more than 300,000 presses with the same initial folding torque. You can select from over standard 150 types and sizes as well as custom-made one. G-Tape creasing matrix is a green product without any toxic gas when it burnt. Moreover, it is electric non-conductance which eliminate static electricity problems in diecutting process. a creasing matrix with a locator, which provides high accuracy in folding paper cartons. Made in Japan . International patented matrix cutter, VS-IV and G-Tape is the best combination for your productivity.

  • History of G-Tape DAISO creasing matrix

  • A type (2-3pt 0.7-1.0mm creasing rule, width 10mm)

  • M type (2-3pt creasing rule, 8mm width)

  • B type (4pt 1.4mm creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • C type (6pt creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • D type (8pt creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • 【NEW】E type (4mm creasing rule, width 20mm)

  • S type (2-3pt creasing rule, width 15mm)

  • W type (Off-center, 2-4pt creasing rule)

  • 1W type (Off-center with side taper, 2-3pt creasing rule )

  • KW type (Double crease)

  • BW type (Double crease)

  • G type (Reverse crease)

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