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Easy package design for everyone!

 What is SAKURA? 

SAKURA is a fixed format system that enables "quick" and "easy" designing of paper packages by "anyone", which DAISO has developed from the knowledge and technology of dieboard making.

In package design of paper boxes, you shall need special knowledge to make the correct setting according to the materials (paper and corrugated board) and diecutting machines.

DAISO has developed the SAKURA program by systemizing the knowledge and technology of dieboard making.


New features have been added

"Favorite" function, flap side dimension display, development layout considering height size, assembled image, language switching, change of line type and color settings, feed pitch display, sheet size display, etc.

 How to use 

 SAKURA User's Voice 

Sales Department


The blade length is immediately visible, so there is no need to change the device used.
This is useful because it can be used as a simplified diagram for customers when providing a rough estimate.

Production Division


I can use it right away, even when I'm out of the office, and I can make multiple proposals during business meetings. It also helps me manage the program because I don't have to update it regularly and I don't have to change devices.

Operations Division


The drafting has become faster, and my work efficiency has increased considerably.
When we did not know how to use the system, we received immediate assistance.

Administration Section


Faster drafting.
The views differ depending on the person in charge of using the system, but several have commented that it has improved their work efficiency.

 Free Trial Application 

How to use the "30-day Free Trial"


Application is required to use this service.
Please apply via the web (mail form).
*Please note that after the 30-day trial period, you will not be able to select a type type species.

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