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I do believe unlimited capacity for everyone.
Our ultimate goal is to establish the company with full of dreams.

It has been over 40 years since we started our business.
We do appreciate all of our customers, partners and suppliers.
Our unchanged desire from the beginning is "Creative Design and Manufacturing for the sake of customers".
In order to meet this desire, we have been focusing on "talented human resources".
One of our company philosophy is "DAISO with full of talented people as gathering clouds along the acceding dragon".
Under rapid change of business circumstances, we shall continue evolving each one of ourselves as well as a company that meets the wants and needs of market, upholding the desire "for the sake of customers".
Thus, we will establish the company with full of dreams by utilizing unlimited capacity of our people.

President    Masakazu Otsuka

Company philosophy

Management based on humanity to establish the company with full of dreams

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