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I do believe unlimited capacity for everyone.
Our ultimate goal is to establish the company with full of dreams.

We DAISO manufactures and sells die-cutting-related products such as die-board and G-tape.(creasing matrix) . Generally, we are classified into the manufacturing industry, but we are not limited to “manufacturing”. DAISO seriously consider and work on “human growth through manufacturing process.”

Through daily manufacturing, we acquire the necessary elements for human growth like passion of work and gratitude for people. It reflects our manufacturing ability, and leads to suggestion and supply with higher quality which meets suitability of needs. In this manufacturing and human growth, we are never satisfied with the current situation and improve our technology and human growth, moreover, we lead to create the richness of colleagues and business partners, That, we regard, is our “job”.

President Masakazu Otsuka

Mechanization, which began about 250 years ago with the Industrial Revolution, has greatly reduced the “labor” essential to manufacturing and led to an improvement in productivity. As a result, many people have been able to efficiently obtain the wealth that “things” bring. This trend has continued to the present day, and AI, produced by cutting-edge manufacturing, is now creating a trend of excessive efficiency that seeks to eliminate not only “labor” but also “people.
A lot of people are afraid of this. But don’t be afraid. This is because only “people” can create and fulfill a prosperous human society, not “machines”. Human growth and essential richness from this growth continue to shine without fading in any time and it becomes shine and spreads as a team, it will be hopes of many people.

By refining our “mind, skill, and body” through manufacturing, we aim for the day when we will be called “the first star of manufacturing in Japan”. DAISO will continue to evolve vigorously toward the future.


Our Founding Philosophy

Management based on humanity to establish the company with full of dreams

Our Missions & Mission Statement

Contribute to Human
Challenge by ​Technology
Shine as the first star in Manufacturing Japan

We have infinite possibilities, and we always challenge with positive thinking without being bound by the conventional framework. By devoting ourselves to the growth of ourselves and others and refining our technology, we shall become shining human resources, thus each and every one of us can achieve something that will be passed down from generation to generation.

  • First of all…
      ”I” shall shine for everyone.
  • We’re not just colleagues.
      we’re family.
  • The company is…
      our second home.
  • Our business partners…
      are the partners to grow together.
  • Behind our products.
      lays our technology that brings smiles to our customers.
  • With deep and friendly concerns.
      realise Quality that exceeds expectations
  • Profit is a measure of
      ”evaluation” to check whether we have shined or not

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