DAISO | G-Tape creasing matrix


Save make-ready time

It may be impossible to diecut without any patch up tape and produce good quality.
For DAISO as a leading diemaking company in Japan, it is everlasting challenge to provide non-patch up dieboards. The more complicating die design, the more time for make ready.

Make ready needs to adjust patch up tape and check balance over and over. Machine downtime will be big time loss.

Make ready time will be 50% less.

We introduce DAISO MAT which reduces make ready time.

The reason of imbalance comes from imbalance of platen (diecut) and height of cutting rules.


DAISO MAT keeps balance well to absorb over pressure to cutting rule, NOT make uncut blade cut well. You can reduce patch up tape and machine down time so much. Lifetime of cutting rules will be longer since DAISO MAT reduces over pressure to blade edges.

DAISO product for solution

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