DAISO | G-Tape creasing matrix

Counter plate, pertinax

DAISO locator

Unit = mm

DAISO locator



  • G-Tape locater for counter plate positionig.
  • Easy to attach with self-adhesive.
  • CAD面2_02


NameCreasing ruleLength
★DAISO locator A type2-3pt700
★DAISO locator B type4pt 700
★DAISO locator C type6pt 700
★DAISO locator D type8pt 700

★=Produced on order


DAISO locator A type

NameCreasing ruleCreasing widthLength
★DAISO locator A062-3pt0.6700
★DAISO locator A072-3pt0.7700
★DAISO locator A082-3pt0.8700
★DAISO locator A092-3pt0.9700
★DAISO locator A102-3pt1.0700
★DAISO locator A112-3pt1.1700
★DAISO locator A122-3pt1.2700
★DAISO locator A132-3pt1.3700
★DAISO locator A142-3pt1.4700
★DAISO locator A152-3pt1.5700
★DAISO locator A162-3pt1.6700
★DAISO locator A172-3pt1.7700
★DAISO locator A182-3pt1.8700
★DAISO locator A192-3pt1.9700
★DAISO locator A202-3pt2.0700
★DAISO locator A212-3pt2.1700
★DAISO locator A222-3pt2.2700
★DAISO locator A232-3pt2.3700
★DAISO locator A242-3pt2.4700
★DAISO locator A252-3pt2.5700
★DAISO locator A262-3pt2.6700
★DAISO locator A272-3pt2.7700
★DAISO locator A282-3pt2.8700
★DAISO locator A302-3pt3.0700
★DAISO locator A322-3pt3.2700
★DAISO locator A352-3pt3.5700
★DAISO locator A402-3pt4.0700
★DAISO locator A502-3pt5.0700

DAISO locator B type
NameCreasing ruleCreasing widthLength
★DAISO locator B204pt2.0700
★DAISO locator B214pt2.1700
★DAISO locator B224pt2.2700
★DAISO locator B234pt2.3700
★DAISO locator B244pt2.4700
★DAISO locator B254pt2.5700
★DAISO locator B264pt2.6700
★DAISO locator B274pt2.7700
★DAISO locator B284pt2.8700
★DAISO locator B304pt3.0700
★DAISO locator B324pt3.2700
★DAISO locator B354pt3.5700
★DAISO locator B384pt3.8700
★DAISO locator B404pt4.0700
★DAISO locator B504pt5.0700
★DAISO locator B604pt6.0700

DAISO locator C type
NameCreasing ruleCreasing widthLength
★DAISO locator C306pt3.0700
★DAISO locator C326pt3.2700
★DAISO locator C356pt3.5700
★DAISO locator C406pt4.0700
★DAISO locator C506pt5.0700
★DAISO locator C606pt6.0700

DAISO locator D type
NameCreasing ruleCreasing widthLength
★DAISO locator D508pt5.0700
★DAISO locator D608pt6.0700
★DAISO locator D708pt7.0700